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  • Patient Success Story - Robert M.

  • Patient Success Story - Robert K.

Anterior Total Hip – Great Approach!

I would like to thank Dr. Petrow for the anterior total hip replacement surgery I had on March 1st. Since the first day of my surgery, I woke up from anesthesia with no pain, and since then, I am with no pain at all, and it’s been 29 days! I feel so good and I am very grateful to you and to God for having placed me in your hands. I am very careful to follow the recommendations that you and the wonderful nurses at St. Mary’s gave me before surgery, such as doing my exercises every day, not crossing my legs etc. Friends that visit me cannot believe how well I am doing, walking normal and best of all without pain. I know for sure that you will be healing lots of people in the future and I thank you for your dedication and such an excellent anterior approach to the surgery.

- Adolfina P.

Cannot Thank Dr. Petrow Enough

Upon finding out that my left hip was not receiving blood, I had to make a decision on having hip surgery. Dr. Petrow does a hip surgery that goes through the front of your leg and not the back of your leg. Most hip surgeries are still done through the side and back area. Because the recovery time was a lot less and having known several people that have had the other surgery, I was more than happy to give it a try. I am happy to say that after 6 weeks, with the help of my neighbor Marie and my wife, I am walking up to 3 miles a day now and I feel great. I cannot thank Dr. Petrow enough and I would recommend all hip surgeries be done through the front and to be done by this wonderful man and his team.

- Bob Keller

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer!

I am 58 years old. On my 18th birthday, I made a bad decision and ended up severely injuring my right knee. I hyperextended my knee. I had severed my ACL tendon and destroyed all of the cartilage. Over the last 39 years I had lived with a diminished lifestyle, excruciating pain and overweight due to the inability to be active. I had insurance, but never found time to take off and have my knee repaired. This was my excuse. I was afraid. Six months ago, it got so bad, I could no longer walk. I had to do something about my knee. I researched and I boiled it down to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. I chose Dr. Edward Petrow as my surgeon. On January 28th, Dr. Petrow performed total knee replacement surgery. In 3-1/2 months my life has transformed. No more pain and I can walk again and I lost 49 pounds so far. Dr. Petrow and his staff are my heroes. Thank you so much Dr. Ed for giving my life back.

- Joseph M.

Dr. Petrow & My Hip Replacement

The end of the year was very painful, but then I had a hip placement on February 12. I feel fantastic! I am ready to go back to work. I haven't taken any pain pills since I left the hospital. Therapy went well. I think I had such a quick recuperation because of the way the surgery was performed. Making the incision from the front resulted in a quick recuperation. The incision site healed quickly. Dr. Petrow and the staff are friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Petrow to any patient needing a new hip. If I need the other side done, I will be back.

- Ken C.

Dr. Petrow Gave Me My Quality of Life Back!

I had my right hip replaced two months before my 48th birthday. I thank Dr. Petrow and his staff, along with Zach from Depuy, for giving me my quality of my life back. I feel ten years younger!! I would like to thank Teo (Depuy rep who told me about this less invasive surgery that Dr. Petrow does). I was off only 4 weeks from work to recover. I was riding a bike after 2-3 weeks. I used a walker for two weeks and a cane up to 4 weeks. My replacement doesn't even cross my mind. It is amazing that I have no pain or any issues after having limped in pain for several years. I recommend this procedure to anyone who wishes for their quality of life back!! Thanks to all involved!

- Amy W.‚ Sahuarita

Dr. Petrow Is Amazing

My surgical experience with Dr. Petrow was amazing. I had a total hip replacement using the anterior approach. He patiently and honesty answered all my questions before surgery. I left the hospital on the second day after surgery and at the end of the third week was walking without a cane. I would highly recommend Dr. Petrow and am a huge proponent of the anterior surgical approach. Today, three months after surgery, I am hiking the mountain trails in the Catalina. Thank you, Dr. P!

- Lynda A.

Easiest Hip Replacement

In Sept. I had anterior hip replacement by Dr. Edward Petrow and recovery was so amazing, up and moving that night, really minimal pain. Dr. Petrow is congenial and very detailed in explaining procedure. Office staff, surgery team all great people and take good care of you.

- Susan B.

Given Back Life – Thank You Dr. Petrow

I had my movement and life given back to me by a great and caring doctor. My knee was so damaged, and Dr. Ed Petrow and his assistant Zimmerman did something most doctors forget. They listened. He replaced my replacement knee and now I can walk without pain or cane. Thank you and God bless.

- Nellie B.

Grateful for Dr. Petrow

I am writing this to let Dr. Petrow know my knee replacement was a success. I'm very satisfied. My alignment is great. I'm very grateful so I just wanted to say thank you for making my life successful! (P.S. Remember I told you to cut my leg off!)

- Xavier M.

Hip and Thigh Pain – Gone!

Every time I took a short walk I would experience thigh pain. It would hurt all day and the only relief I got was when I took Tylenol. I went to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute with the idea that something might be going on with my hip – my father had similar problems with both hips 35 years earlier. I saw Dr. Petrow because he specializes in hip and knee surgery. He confirmed my suspicions with x-rays and gave me the option of therapy or surgery. There was no question in my mind not to go with surgery. Dr. Petrow operated on me the 12th of March and by Saturday the 16th I was walking and discharged from the hospital. Dr. Petrow answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns with professional courtesy. He has a good bedside manner and puts his patients first! I am now pain free and fully functional. Thanks Dr. Petrow.

- Jeff J.

Hip Replacement Success

For 3 years I couldn’t walk without pain. On Aug. 14, I had a hip replacement. In 3 days I was doing all my work at home, taking care of house and husband. On Dec. 4, I had a second one done. After 2 days, I was home doing all my house work again. No pain. My special thanks to Dr. Petrow and his staff.

- Pat Y.

Less Pain with Anterior Hip Approach

I have had both hips done, the first was with the traditional, posterior technique and this latest one with Dr. Petrow was with the newer, anterior approach. I can think of no reason anyone would choose the traditional over the anterior approach. I had less time needed to recover (went home the next day) and less pain with this technique than with the traditional procedure. I also did not need the full round of PT after surgery. I have about 2/3 less scar with this technique. I found all the staff that treated me to be excellent including Dr. Petrow and Laura Zimmerman, NP.

- Richard G.

Outstanding Care and Service

I am a patient of Dr. Petrow and have just had a knee replacement. From the very beginning, the class before surgery, the attention to my needs concerning surgery and the surgery itself were outstanding. Scheduling and follow up were more than I had hoped for. After surgery, I encountered a problem with sleeping. Calls to Dr. Petrow's assistant, Hannah, were answered promptly and with much needed advice. My return for follow up and staple removal proved to be a pleasant experience. Hannah removed the staples without any discomfort on my part. She is truly an asset to you. Laura Zimmerman reviewed my situation, took the time to discuss future needs and made me feel as if I was the most important person there. Again, a genuine asset. Having served as a customer service manager for over 30 years, I know good customer service. Yours is OUTSTANDING.

- Thomas S.

Should Have Had This Done Years Ago

After several years of increasing knee pain, I began to investigate a partial or total knee replacement. I could no longer hike (favorite pastime), exercise without pain, or get a good night’s sleep. After a call to my GP, I received a recommendation for Tucson Ortho. I called and set up an appointment with Dr. Edward Petrow. The x-rays of my right knee revealed that a partial replacement would not be adequate, and I agreed to a total. It is now almost 10 weeks after the operation. I sleep through the night, have played golf (using a cart) and returned to my gym for exercise. There is no residual pain or discomfort from the operation, even the scar is minimal for such a drastic procedure. Dr. Petrow and his NP, Laura Zimmerman, were always patient and answered my questions. I would (and have) recommended them to several others with similar knee problems.

- George B.

TOI Northwest

I was extremely impressed by the warmth, competence and professionalism of the surgery personnel who assisted Dr. Edward Petrow with my recent surgery for anterior hip replacement. Also, the floor nursing staff all were exceptional and caring. Northwest Medical Center is the cleanest hospital I have ever been in. And what can I say about Dr. Petrow except that I think he is awesome and I'm so glad a friend told me that he was doing the anterior method.

- Susan B.

What a Great Service…No More Pain

After many months of terrible pain, Dr. Petrow replaced my right hip. The procedure was high tech and the aftercare was superb. Laura Zimmerman, NP was very caring and professional. I highly recommend this office for your care.

- Janny S.

  • I partially dislocated of my left hip twice, once in 1992 and again in 1996. In 2005 I really began to suffer from the end results of those two injuries. I knew I would eventually need surgery but, I chose to put it off until my quality of life faltered or I found the best possible surgical technique and doctor to perform it. Well both outcomes happened to me. The femoral head of my left hip began to flatten and die. My right hip also became arthritic due to over compensation. This left me in constant pain and ceased any physical activities I could engage in. I'd researched the posterior, direct superior, and anterior approach surgical techniques and concluded that the anterior approach mako assist technique best suited my need for a less evasive and more precise operation. This would give me the best chance for a full recovery by negating the cutting of major muscle and post surgical precautions. Well, Dr. Petrow turned out to be just the person I was looking for. I underwent anterior approach Mako assist total hip replacement surgery on July 31, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. I was up walking by 6:00 p.m. the same day! Because of my long delay to get surgery I have to also replace my right hip now. Well because of the shortened recovery time thru anterior approach surgery I'm slated to have Dr. Petrow replace my right hip November 13th, just four months later. I highly recommend Dr. Petrow and his team to perform hip replacement surgery when its needed.
    By - Roland Alexander
    17-Sep-2019 09:59 AM

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